2020年9月5日 05/09/2020

2020年09月05日 2020年9月5日 05/09/2020

教学内容 teaching contents

1. 老师同学互相自我介绍 introduce yourself
2. 大家介绍本周做过的活动 talk about what you did this week
3. 看视频,听朗读《中文》3第一课 红绿灯 (watch the video of lesson 1 traffic lights)
4.学习生词(《中文》3第一课)learn new vocabulary (lesson 1 traffic lights)
街道(jiēdào) street/ road 交通(jiāotōng) traffic/ transportation 灯(dēng) light
宽(kuān) wide/ width 忙(máng) busy 往(wǎng) to go/towards

家庭作业 Homework

1.练习写本节课的生词, 每个写八遍
Review all the vocabulary we have learned for today, write each word 8 times in your practice writing book,we will do a spelling test of these words next week

2.下星期听写下面的生字词 vocabulary for a spelling test next week
街(jiē)道(dào) 交(jiāo)通(tōng)灯(dēng) 宽(kuān)大(dà)
很(hěn)忙(máng) 来(lái)往(wǎng)