2023-2024 Term2 W3 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(20/01/2024)

2024年01月20日 2023-2024 Term2 W3 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(20/01/2024)

中文第四册 第7课《春晓》教学内容(20/01/2024)
Chinese Book 4 Lesson 7 Teaching Content of “spring morning” (20/01/2024)
1、看图片讲猴子捞月的故事 Look at the picture and tell the story of”Monkeys Try to Scoop up the Moon”
2、看视频回答问题:这首诗写的是哪个季节?作者是谁?做了什么?听到了什么?找出诗中描写春天景象的字词Watch the video and answer the question: What season is this poem about? Who is the author? What did you do? What did you hear? Look for the words in the poem that describe the scene of spring
3、学习唐诗《春晓》。学习生字词Learn new words:晓daybreak;眠to sleep;不觉unconsciously
4、排练春节节目Practice Spring Festival Performance

1、下周听写并翻译Dictate and translate next week:春晓A Spring Morning、春眠不觉晓I sleep so well in the spring,that I did not even realize it was dawn
2、熟练绕口令,练习舞蹈动作Be proficient in tongue twisters and practice dance moves