year one Chinese homework 03/02/2024 一年级中文作业

2024年02月03日 year one Chinese homework 03/02/2024 一年级中文作业

1. 本节课的新内:继续学习汉语乐园教材3B第八课, 本节课进行了 句型的拓展和延伸的练习。 加入了 : 现在几点? 哥哥和姐姐呢? 在哪儿? 他们/他 在做什么?他们在写作业,洗澡,吃饭, 睡觉,上网,看报纸。。。 继续练习上节课学习的生字的拼读和认读:睡觉,写作业,洗澡,上网,看报纸,吃饭 ; 以及后面课文的阅读 P14
Continue to study the eighth lesson of 3B of the Chinese Paradise textbook. In this lesson, the expansion and extension of sentence patterns are carried out. Added : What time is it? What about brother and sister? Where? What are they/he is doing? They are doing homework, having a bath, eating, sleeping, surfing the Internet, and reading newspapers. . . Continue to practice the spelling and recognition of the new words learned in the previous lesson: sleeping, doing homework, taking a bath, surfing the Internet, reading the newspaper, eating; and reading the following texts P14

2. 汉语拼音的声母和韵母整体认读
continued to practice pinyin.

3. 生字的练习 新生字的讲解及练习 在做什么?”
new words learning ”在做什么?” and old words revsion, “洗澡,吃饭,句型练习:你有什么课?我有中文/音乐课,今天下雨,明天下雪;吃西瓜,头,买卖,和,我,你,田,电,画画儿,唱 ”: 打,会,网球, 下,雨,雪,电,口,月,大,小 春天 人日,明,来了,果汁水,冰,风,明天,一,二,三,四,五,六,七,八,九,十,
new words learning “is doing something (在,做什么?)” and old words revision, 洗澡 (have a bath),吃饭 (eat meal),中文 Chinese)音乐课 (Music lesson ),sentences practice: 你有什么课 我有中文课。(what lesson do you have? I have Chinese lesson /music lesson/PE lesson))?吃西瓜 (eat watermelon),头,(head)买 (buy )卖 (sell),和 (and)),我 (I),你 (you),爱好 (hobby),田 (filed),电(electricity),画画儿 (drawing),唱 (sing) ”:今天星期几? (what day is today)打,(play)会 (can ),网球 (tennis), 下(down),雨(rain),雪(snow),,口(mounth),月 (month),大(big),小 (small)春天 (spring) 人(person)日 (sun),明,来了(coming),果汁 (juice)水 (water),冰(ice),风 (wind),明天(tomorrow),一,二,三,四,五,六,七,八,九,十,
4 诗歌和谚语学习 (Poem Leaning )
静夜思 (homesick in a quite night),狐假虎威 The fox pretends to be the tiger’s power


1. 和家里成员练习对话 现在几点? 爸爸,弟弟、妹妹在哪儿? 他们在做什么?在睡觉/上网/洗澡/看报纸/吃饭
2. 阅读课文3B 第二课的补充课文 P14,读诗歌
3.练习写字“在做什么 ”。
4 练习 “你笑起来真好看”

1 Practice conversations with family members What time is it? Dad, where are my brother and sister? what are they doing? sleeping/surfing the web/bathing/reading the newspaper/eating
2. Read the Supplementary Text for Lesson 2 of Text 3B P14 read poem
3. Practice writing “what are you doing”. (在做什么) hand out
4 Practice “Listen to me thank you” the song “your smile looks beautiful