Reception 26/11

2016年11月29日 Reception 26/11


Warm up song: 1234567

Review :

yi, er, san, si, wu, liu, qi, ba, jiu, shi

New: shi yi, shi er, shi san, shi si, shi wu

Activity: Hit the balloon and count to 20

Hit the numbers with hammers

New: P17 Can you try

Children sit in the circle and teacher/ children call the number and swap  the seat.

New: finger chant

1 zhi shou zhi tou  : mao mao chong

  1. zhi shou zhi tou : xiao bai tu
  2. zhi shou zhi tou : xiao hua mao
  3. zhi shou zhi tou : pang xie zou
  4. zhi shou zhi tou : hu die fei
  5. zhi shou zhi tou: da dian hua
  6. zhi shou zhi tou:  san jiao xing
  7. zhi shou zhi tou:  xiao gou gou

Video:  The Great wall

Preview: Workbook: p 12, 13

Homework: workbook P12 and 13

Number dot to dot