11-3 Toddler class

2017年03月13日 11-3 Toddler class


Warm up songs:

2 zhi lao hu

Tou er jian bang xi jiao zhi


Face, eyes(see), ears(hear), nose(smell), mouth(eat and speak)

Sentence: kan, wo de _________.

– draw and guess which part of face

Review: ba ba, ma ma, ge ge, jie jie

Activity: Children put the finger puppets on their fingers when they hear (ba ba , ma ma ..ect.) they need to come to the front and say here I am ( zai zhe li).

New: di di , mei mei.

Sentence: Ta shi _____.

Review: 1 to 10


  • Clap hands, jump, stamp their feet and turn around and count to ten.
  • Use the hammers to hammer the pictures.
  • Match the picture and words

– colour finger family

– Oral examination the words of baba, mama, gege, jiejie and baobao when they colouring the pictures

Homework: Colour (trace) the characters and draw pictures of ge ge  and jie jie.