25-3 Toddler

2017年03月27日 25-3 Toddler


Warm up songs:

2 zhi lao hu

Tou er jian bang xi jiao zhi

Family song

Review: 1 to 10

Review: ba ba, ma ma, ge ge, jie jie, di di , mei mei

Ta shi _____.

Review: eyes, ears, mouth, nose,

Wo de ______

Activity: Chinese monopoly

Review story:  All fall down

Words in the story:  mi feng (bee), hu die (butterfly) , niao (bird), tu zi (rabbit) , hai bao (seal) , qiu (ball)

Sentence: wo kan dao  (I see )  ______.

New song: Action song

New: Happy Mother’s day

Kang na xin (carnation), ma ma wo ai ni (Mummy, I love you)

Activity: Making paper carnations and colour Mummy I love you. (children choose the colour and count from 1 to 10 as I gave out the paper)

Homework: Match the picture with the words.