4.22HSK初级班-Level1: 教学内容&作业

2017年04月26日 4.22HSK初级班-Level1: 教学内容&作业

This week’s teaching Content:
Greetings and getting to know each other in Chinese
Key sentences:
1)你好!Hello 您好!Hello(For someone older or respectful )
2)老师好!Hello , teacher.
3)同学们好!Hello, students.
4)你叫什么(名字)?what is your name?
5)我叫李月。My name is Li Yue.
6)很高兴认识你(认识你很高兴)Very nice to meet you.
7)你认识她吗?Do you know her?
8)不认识(No,I don’t know her.)or 认识,她叫李月。(Yes,I know her, her name is Li yue.)
9)对不起(sorry) 没关系(That is OK.)
New words:
1.你(you) 2.您(polite)you 3.你们(plural) you 4. 叫(to be called) 5. 认识(to know) 6. 对不起(sorry)7.没关系(That is OK)
Culture :
Special popular greetings in China: 你吃了吗?(Have you eaten?)
1)Please practise the key sentences until you could translate them from English to Chinese or Chinese to English.
2)Please write the new words five times each.
3)Please practise Chinese four tones on page3.