17-6 Toddler

2017年06月20日 17-6 Toddler

*Warm up song and game
Action song and Teacher says

Frist Lesson
*This is my room
桌子 zhuo zi (desk)
椅子 yizi (chair)
灯 deng (lamp)
床 chuang (bed)
沙发 shafa (sofa)
这是 _________. Zhe shi ______. (This is ____)
1. Guess which hand has the coin (practice ‘this’ and ‘that’ concept)
2. Practice ‘this’ and ‘that’ by pointing.
3. Volume game: when the teacher lowers the card near the toes, children whisper ( this is ____); as the teacher raises the card the children raise their voices higher and higher.
4. Find the objects from the catalogue – when they find the object they will need to say
Zhe shi _______.

Second Lesson

* Recognizing their names and say my name is __________.
Wo jiao ________.

• Review Numbers
Video (song) : 山村
We also looked at the picture of the poem and count.
Chinese character learning:
山shan (mountain)
Activity: use shoes to make 山shan