24-6 Toddler

2017年06月27日 24-6 Toddler

*Warm up song and game
Sing with me
Shan cun
First Lesson
• Greetings – when the children come in they tell teacher:
Wo jiao ________.

• This is my room
桌子 zhuo zi (desk)
椅子 yizi (chair)
灯 deng (lamp)
床 chuang (bed)
沙发 shafa (sofa)
电视 dian shi (TV)
这是 _________. Zhe shi ______. (This is ____)
1. Practice ‘this’ and ‘that’ by pointing.
2. Which one activity – children hold a coin in one hand and ask children “which one” ( Na yi ge?)
3. Musical chairs – Each chair has a picture of one of the objects we have learned. Children find a chair to sit on when the music stops and say the whole sentence:
这是 _________. Zhe shi ______.
Second Lesson
We start with musical chair game.
Chinese character learning:
Review 山shan (mountain)
New: 日 ri (sun or day)
Activity: 1. Children write the character on the whiteboard.
2. Children make the characters with their body by laying on the floor