01-07 Toddler

2017年07月06日 01-07 Toddler

First Lesson
*Warm up song and game
Teacher says / Shan cun / Let’s clap hands together/ Two tigers
这是 _________. Zhe shi ______. (This is ____), 桌子 zhuo zi (desk), 椅子 yizi (chair), 灯 deng (lamp),
床 chuang (bed), 沙发 shafa (sofa), 电视 dian shi (TV)
Chinese character learning:
Review 山shan (mountain)
日 ri (sun or day)
Activity: 1. Show them how to write first and children will use sticks to make the word.

Second Lesson
水 (shui) water
可乐 (kele) coke
牛奶 (niunai) milk
果汁 (guozhi) juice
我喝_____。I am drinking ___.
(Wo he _____.)
Activity: Tasting drinks

Introducing the Poem – Min nong, which is a poem that tells people that farmers work hard to plant and grow rice, so we should cherish the food that we have.
Watch the video about the poem.