08-07 Toddler

2017年07月11日 08-07 Toddler

First Lesson
• Greetings – when the children come in they tell teacher:
Wo jiao ________.
*Warm up song and game
Teacher says / Two tigers

水 (shui) water
可乐 (kele) coke
牛奶 (niunai) milk
果汁 (guozhi) juice
我喝_____。I am drinking ____.
(Wo he _____.)

Activity: 1. Pass around the bottles and the children acting they are drinking the milk, juice, etc…
2. Children toss the bean bags at the flash cards to see which drink they would like to try.

Second Lesson

New: 米饭(mifan)rice
面条 ( miantiao) noodles
Activities: 1. Smell to guess what is in the lunchbox (rice and noodles)
2. Making noodles with playdoh.

Watch the video about the poem.

Chinese character learning:
Review :下 xia (down)
日 ri (sun or day)

悯农 李绅 chú Hé rì dāng wǔ
锄 禾 日 当 午 ,
hàn dī hé xià tǔ
汗 滴 禾 下 土 。
shuí zhī pán zhōng cān
谁 知 盘 中 餐 ,
lì lì jiē xīn kǔ
粒 粒 皆 辛 苦

Activity: Read the poem and circle 下 and 日