23-9 Preschool

2017年09月27日 23-9 Preschool

Warm up
Song: 我是问好王
(右手, 左手, 点点头, 握握手, 笑一笑, 挥挥手)

数字1 -12
时间介绍: 1点, 2点…

活动: 小朋友排时钟数字 然后听老师指令排几点

Second half
看巧虎- 布榖鸟钟

每课一字: 一和二
1. 看人字的影片(包含由来, 笔划,发音) 98,99
2. 用身体/棍子排一和二

HW:一 二

Warm up:
Song: 我是问好王
In this song we learn ( right hand , left hand, shaking hands, waving hands, smile )

Lesson Clock
Watch a video about the clock.
Learn the Numbers: 1 to 12
Learn about the long minute hand and shore hour hand.
Children learn to how to say the time: 1 O’clock , 2 O’clock….etc.
Activity: Children rearrange the time on the clock

Second half
Watch a video about cuckoo clock
Chinese character leaerning: 一and二
Activity: 1.we watch a video about the character’s origin, stroke and pronunciation
2. we use body and shoes to make 一 and 二
3. Children follow teacher’s instruction to make 一 or