4-11 Toddler

2017年11月08日 4-11 Toddler

Warm up
Song: Clock song
Days of week song

新的单字: 星期一到星期日
活动: 用身体来代表星期一到星期日
绕口令: 星期一猴子穿新衣

新字: 商店, 学校, 公园
活动: 1. 和小朋友讨论在图里看到了什么
句型: 我去学校
1. 把卡片/ 物品放在不同的地方, 当老师说在哪个地方,小朋友就以开飞机/开火车/开汽车到那.
复习1 到六.
新的数字: 七


HW: trace and colour seven
draw a picture of school

Warm up
Song: Clock song
Days of week song

Days of the week
Activity: Use our body parts to name the days of week
Tongue twister: A Monkey’s week

Monday: monkey puts on new clothes
Tuesday: monkey is hungry
Wednesday: monkey climbs a mountain
Thursday: monkey has a test
Friday: monkey dances
Saturday: monkey goes to ice skating
Sunday: it’s monkey’s birthday

Second half
Name of the places: school, park and supermarket
Sentence: I go to _______
Activity:1. we discuss what can they see in the picture and name the place
2. we put the flash cards at different corner and children go in groups when they hear a place they need to go to by flying an aeroplane/ driving a car / driving a train..

Chinese character learning: seven
Activity: 1. we watch a video about the origin and stroke of seven
2. we formed seven with sticks