11- 25 Preschool

2017年11月28日 11- 25 Preschool

Warm up
Song: 我的一天
学校: 书包,笔
公园: 鴨子, 樹
邮局: 郵箱,信.
图书馆 :書
新词语: 车站, (公共汽车/巴士, 司机)
句子:我去 车站
1. 拿出代表地方的物品,让小朋友猜是什么地方并且把代表物放在卡片旁
2. 让一位小朋友当司机,其他小朋友要说我去车站,就 可上车
3. 公共汽车影片

新的数字: 十
2. 用冰棒棍排十
1. trace and colour 十
2. draw a picture that represents supermarket

Warm up
Song: My day

Review: Name of the places:
School (pens and school bag)
park ( ducks and tree)
supermarket ( vegetable, fruit, juice)
post office ( post box, envelope)
library ( books)
New words: station ( bus, bus stop, and steering wheels)
Sentence: I go to _______

1. Teacher took all the items that represents the places we have learnt and students would say the name of places and put them in front of flash cards
2. Had one child to be the bus driver, and rest of the children need to say I am going to station then they can hop on the bus.
3. Watch video – bus driver

New Chinese number : ten
1. watch a video about the origin and strokes of nine
2. use sticks to make nine
Story time: A story about train (we learnt train track, watermelon, bridge, ducks, train station)
HW: trace and colour ten
Draw a picture that represents supermarket