2017年12月03日 Y2:二年级12.2教学及作业

【二年级 12.2中文课】

1)听写“我家有五个房间”。表扬:何卓贤, 胡守言,张海乐。请同学到白板上写,讲解及纠正写法。Well done is spelling: Eathen Hu, Eathen He, Hayden. Explain and correct hand-writing.
2)学习新偏旁”宝盖头”:宀。有这个偏旁的字基本上和房屋、家有关。new radical: 宀。characters with the radical is linked to home, house, building etc.复习以前学过的偏旁。
3)复习:量词,数量词的用法, 俩人一组阅读中文图书,找出书中的量词。(Revise:Chinese quantifier words and how to use it. Read picture books in pair and find out the quantifier words.)
4)继续学习第六课:我家不大。练习新句型造句。Learn new lesson on p23,explain word by word and practice sentences of the new patterns.
5)以“大小”为例,引进反义词。学习新的“对韵歌”,认识里面的几组反义词。example of “Big~ small”, starts learn opposites. Learn new poem ” dui yun ge”, note the opposites in the poem.
6)做练习并批改。(Practice books, previous works marked.)

1)听写:他家很大。Spelling: 他家很大。
2,完成第五课练习册上的练习题。finish the practice papers of lesson 4 in the practice book.
3, 熟读《对韵歌》(新)。如图:C53D4799-AA25-4967-A7AE-B168ABCD6351

Click here for the audio, 白老师的朗读见此:8D4E1E91-1F6A-400E-8B98-C5538D255990

1)请督促、帮助孩子检查书包,带好写字本和笔。please remind you child to bring two copies of book, writingbook, and pencil. 2)到学校上课不需要携带字卡和CD,只需要课本、练习册、写字本和笔。no needs to bring the CD and flash cards to school but do use them to help the learning at home.
3)我们班里的纪律其中有一条是上课期间不可以上厕所,知会家长,请督促孩子课前和课间解决。Y2 will not allowed kids go toilet during lesson. Do remind your child to do it before and in the break.