6-1 Preschool class 学龄前班

2018年01月08日 6-1 Preschool class 学龄前班

Warm up
Song: 我是小小司机
句子:我是 。。。
活动:1. 老师做动作,小朋友猜是什么职业
2. 猜猜谁是 ______.
3. 角色扮演
1. 唱咏鹅和新年好
2. 画自己
3. 自我介绍
HW: colour 厨师
Warm up
Song: I am a bus driver
Review occupations
Doctor, nurse, policeman, driver and cook
Sentence: I am a __________.
1. I cover some part of the flash card and the children will guess what is it.
2. We give a motion for each occupation. When teacher do a motion and children will guess what is it。
3. Role play

Second half
1. We practice the two songs for Chinese New Celebration event.
2. . Each children draw themselves and when they were done they come to front and introduce themselves.