Y2 24/3 教学与作业

2018年03月24日 Y2 24/3 教学与作业

【二年级 3.24中文课】

1)听写上节课布置的听写。请同学到前面来写,讲解并纠正写法。spelling of the key words: dumpling, fish, rice cake. Correct handwriting.
2)复习《中文》第一二课。检查作业。revise lesson 1 & 2. Check homework.
3)学习第三课《识字三》。所有字均为重点字。句型:用“月、日”表达日期,key words: all the words. Sentence pattern: how to express date by ”
4)一起做完成练习。did the practice on the workbookB.
5)学习古诗《山村》。learn poem “village in the mountain”. audio here. 60570D7C-00A3-4500-A836-8C6D7B46FE9D
6)今日表扬:陈哲慧,胡守言,黄健明,黄凯文。Spelling & poem stars today: Tristan, James, Eathen Hu, zhehui chen.

1,听写:日月,水火,多少。spelling : 日月水火多少。
2,背诵古诗《山村》remember the poem by memory.
3,完成练习册A上第3课的练习题。finish the workbook to lesson three.

1)请督促、帮助孩子检查书包,带好课本、写字本和笔。please remind you child to bring two copies of book, writingbook, and pencil.
2)按照学校要求,现在我们学习新教材《中文1》。请带新书来上课。现在的课本将在三年级以后继续使用。As per required by the head of school, y2 is now learning new textbooks of 《中文1》. Please do bring the new books next week. If you don’t have it today, you may buy the set from Mr Chan. If your child have had the set, please pay £10 to Mr Chan.
The Kuaile Hanyu will be back in use in Y3. Keep them safe!