April – July Lesson plans for Preschool class

2018年04月16日 April – July Lesson plans for Preschool class

2018 四月到七月课程
2018 April to July
In this term the children will learn about the colours, feelings, the four seasons, and the clothing.
四月- 五月April – May
• 颜色 Colours
White, black, yellow, green, blue, red, brown
句型:这是什么颜色?/ ______ 最好看。
Sentences: What colour is it? / _______ is more beautiful.
• 心情Feeling
高兴, 伤心,害怕,生气
Happy, sad, scared, crossed
句型:我 ________.
Sentence: I am ______.
认字:白, 红,
Chinese character learning: bai (white), hong (red)

六月 June
• 四季 four seasons
春- 温暖,夏- 热,秋-凉,冬- 冷
Spring – warm, summer – hot, autumn – cool, winter – cold.
句型: 春天来了真暖和。
Sentence: Spring is here, I am warm.
认字: 春,夏,秋,冬
Chinese character learning: spring, summer, autumn and winter

七月 July
• 服饰 Clothing

Jacket, skirt, trousers, socks, hat/cap, shoes, gloves,sweater
句型:我穿/带 ______.
Sentence: I am wearing ________.
Chinese Character learning: clothes
补充教材:中文故事 – 1. 艾玛玩捉迷藏
2. 贝贝穿衣服
Chinese storying telling: 1. Elmer plays Hide-and-Seek
2. Penelope puts on clothes