2018年04月28日 Y2/二年级28/4–教学和作业

【二年级 4.28中文课】

学习内容What we did today:
1)Warm -up: 检查“日历”作业,复习用中文说日期、星期。check the calendar homework, talk how we should talk date week in Chinese.
2)听写。请同学到前面来写,讲解并纠正写法。重点讲解“人入八”的不同。Spelling/Handwriting Correction. Emphasize the difference of 人入八。
3)简单复习上节课,检查诗歌背诵情况。quickly revise last lesson, check the poem recite.
4)完成第四课:阅读/猜谜语部分。finish lesson four by learning the two “Guess” poems.
5)学习第五课《识字五》。重点字:风云雨雪、春夏秋冬。learn lesson five. key words: 风雨雷电、春夏秋冬。
6)一起做了十分钟练习。10 minutes of handwriting and workbook A.
7)今日表扬:Ethan Wu, 黄健明,王靖彤。Spelling & poem stars today: James Ng, Ethan Wu, Jingtong Wang.

1,听写:风云雨雪,春夏秋冬spelling the eight key words.
2, 背诵古诗《山村》。recite the poem if your child still can not do it. Please go back to last week’s homework page for video.
3,完成练习册A上第五课的练习题。please finish the papers of lesson five on workbook A, three days’ practice would be acceptable.

注意special notes:
1)感谢前来参加家长会的家长。Thanks for coming to parents meeting! Please note this is the link of one episode of Charlie and Lola: https://youtu.be/bxwXQm2TYyc, to find more, you may search by key words: 查理 劳拉。
2)请督促、帮助孩子检查书包,带好课本、写字本和笔。please remind you child to bring three book, notebook for writing, and pencil.
2)按照学校要求,下次课开始,将学习新教材《中文1》。请带新书来上课。现在的课本将在三年级以后继续使用。As per required by the head of school, y2 will start learning new textbooks of 《中文1》next week. Please do bring the new books next week. If you don’t have it today, you may buy the set from Mr Chan. If your child have had the set, please pay £10 to Mr Chan.
The Kuaile Hanyu will be back in use in Y3. Keep them safe!