19-5 Preschool class 学龄前班

2018年05月22日 19-5 Preschool class 学龄前班

小朋友听登鹳雀楼 / 咏鹅 来找出颜色的字。
我开心 / 我伤心 / 我生气
新词:我害怕 / 我惊讶

活动: 1. 心情游戏 (看卡片来做表情)
2. 记忆游戏
3. 歌曲心情歌
4. 看心情影片 ( 和小朋友一起讨论故事中角色的心情)


作业: 画表情 (害怕/生气)
Warm up: Children listen to two famous Chinese Poem and to find the key words for colours.
Review “ Feelings”
I am happy / I am sad / I am angry
New: I am scared / I am surprised
Activity: 1. Feeling game ( teacher shows the flash cards and children show the expression of the feelings)
2. Memory game
3. Sing a song about Feelings
4. Watch a video about “ Feelngs” ( We also discuss about the characters in the video how do they feel)
Review colours: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, orange, white, black and brown
Homework: Draw the feelings ( scared / angry )