9-6 Preschool class 学龄前班

2018年06月11日 9-6 Preschool class 学龄前班

登鹳雀楼 / 咏鹅
新课程: 春天
讨乱在春天会看什么,花,鸟, 蝴蝶 。
1. 看春天影片
2. 做蝴蝶
我开心 / 我伤心 / 我生气/我害怕 / 我惊讶
活动: 心情选举
数字: 1-15.

Warm up: Chinese Poem songs
New Top “ Spring”
We looked at some power point about “Spring” and we learn how to say Spring, flower, bird and butterfly.
Review “ Feelings”
I am happy / I am sad / I am angry/ I am scared
Activity: Children find their name and put their name under the feeling that they are feeling now.
Review numbers 1 to 15
Activity: Number bomb ( looked and said the number and when they see the bomb they needed to fall down on the floor. )
Homework: Draw things about “Spring”