07-09 Reception 学前班

2018年09月11日 07-09 Reception 学前班

第一课 打招呼
你好,名字 。 / 老师 / 朋友
活动:1. 用拍子打字卡,让小朋友认你好和老师字卡。
2. 歌曲: 找朋友 – 在这首歌我们学习新词: 敬个礼,握握手
笔画练习: 横,竖
活动: 1. 看笔画影片
2. 用拍子和笔来摆出 “横” 和 “竖”.
2. 请小朋友在 “大”, “十”, “天“ 找出笔画横
3. 请小朋友在 “个“,”中“,”巾“ 找出笔画竖
Warm up songs: Open, Shut them / Two Tigers
Lesson 1
Greeting: Hello, I am _______. / Teacher/ Friend
1. Listen to the words and hit the words (help them to recognize the Chinese characters)
2. Song: Where is my friend? ( In this song we learnt some new words: salute / shake hands
Chinese stroke learning: “heng” and “shu”
Activity: 1. Watch a video of how to write Chinese stroke.
2. Use the sticks and pens to show the stroke of “ heng” and “shu”
3. Spot the charracters have the stroke of “heng” and “shu”

Homework: In the following characters, please colour the stroke of “heng” and “shu”