29-9 Reception 学前班

2018年10月02日 29-9 Reception 学前班

Lesson 2
欢迎 / 谢谢
你叫什么? 我叫。。。

Warm up song: Where is my friend?
Lesson 2
Welcome/ Thank you
What’s your name? My name is ……..

她/他叫 。。。。。
Lesson 3
认字:一,二,三,四,五 ,六(和手势)
活动:1. 看图片来了解他/她的用法
2. 数字手指谣 1- 毛毛虫 2. 小白兔 3. 小花猫 4. 螃蟹走5. 蝴蝶飞 6. 打电话
3. 看笔画影片
4. 练习笔画

New Lesson
Lesson 2
What is his/ her name?
His/ Her name is ……..
Lesson 3
Numbers (with finger rhyme)
Stroke: na,dian,ti
Activities: 1. We were focusing on understanding when to use his / her and recognizing these two characters by using picture.
2. Finger rhyme: 1 caterpillar, 2 rabbit 3 cat, 4 crab , 5 butterfly 6 make phonecall
3. watch stroke video
4. practice writing the 3 strokes we learn today

Homework: Find and colour the stroke

Dear parents: Please have your child to bring his/ her student’s book and workbook each time when they come to school.
Many thanks, Mrs. Chen