19-10 Reception Class学前班

2018年10月30日 19-10 Reception Class学前班

Lesson 3
认字:一,二,三,四,五 ,六,七, 八(和手势)

Song: Nice to meet you
Lesson 3 numbers
Recognize from one to eight (with finger rhyme)


对话:A: 你多大?
B: 我____岁。
新词: 狮子,猴子,兔子,蜗牛,蛇,长颈鹿

新歌曲: 我的朋友在哪里

活动: 1. 数数到20 并看数字抢答
2. 数动物 P15
3. 蛋糕插蜡烛


New Lesson

Numbers: nine and ten (with finger rhyme nine- hook/ ten- stone)
Conversation: A: How old are you?
B: I am ______.
Words: lion, monkey, rabbit, snail, snake, giraffe
Song: Where is my friend?

Activities: 1. Count to 20 and look at numbers then say aloud.
2. Look at the animals at students’ book page 15 and count the animals.
3. children put the candles on the cake according their ages.

Homework: Decorate the cake