01-12 Preschool 学龄前班

2018年12月04日 01-12 Preschool 学龄前班

暖场歌曲: 1. 伸出你的手指
2. 形状歌
活动: 形状配对 (找好朋友)
在歌词中我们学到- 转一转,滑一滑,指一指,跺跺脚
Warm up song: 1. Can you point your finger
2. Song of shapes
Review shapes: triangle, square, circle, star
Activity:1. Matching shapes ( find good friends)
2. Song ( In the song, we learnt turn around, slide, point, and stamp feet)
颜色: 红,黄,蓝,绿,橙,粉
故事: 小金鱼在哪里? (练习时用手指指并说在这里)
活动: 1. 听指令找出颜色
2 跳颜色房子
4. 练习新年好 / 山村
New lesson
Colour: red, blue, yellow, green, pink, orange
Sentence: I like ………
Story: where is the fish? ( When telling the story, Children need to point their finger and say “here it is” )
Activities: 1. Listen to teacher and find the right colour
2. Colour hopscotch
3. Children choose their favorite colour balloon (practice to say I like ……)
4. Practice two songs for the Chinese New Year’s Celebration
Homework: Colour the fruit