19-01-2019 Preschool学龄前班

2019年01月25日 19-01-2019 Preschool学龄前班

问好: 你好吗?我很好/ 我不好/我马马虎虎
暖场歌曲: 1. 鲨鱼一家
2. 你好吗?
复习: 一,二,三,四,五,六
认字: 大,小
歌曲:家人手指谣 (21)
活动:1. 用身体摆大和小
2. 大,小识字影片
4. 丢骰子看数字,再说数字代表的家人名称
作业: 画 弟弟,妹妹
Greeting: How are you ? I am find / not good / soso
Warm up song: shark family / How are you today?
Review numbers : 1 to 6
Review: grandad, grandma , dad, mum, elder sister, elder brother, baby
New: younger brother, younger sister
Chinese Character learning: big and small
Activity: 1. Use our body to form big and small
2. Watch the video about the character of big and small
3. Look at the family flash cards and say if the card represent big or small
4. roll the dice and tell what the number represents ( family members)
Practice the songs for the performance
Homework: colour younger brother and younger sister