14-09 Preschool Class学龄前班

2019年09月18日 14-09 Preschool Class学龄前班

14-09 暖身歌曲
两只老虎 / can you point your finger and do the twist / open and shout them
Review colours : red, yellow, green/ blue /
主题教学“水果” Topic Fruit
苹果,梨,香蕉Apple / pear / banana
新词:葡萄,草莓New Fruit: grapes / strawberry
句型:葡萄好吃。 Grapes are yummy.
活动:1. 大家摆出水果代表动作。
2. 切水果并吃水果
Activity: 1. Do the action
2. Cut and eat the fruit
节庆教学:中秋节 Festival teaching: mid-autumn festival
看后羿射太阳故事Watch a video about the moon festival
复习数字一到十 Numbers : 1 to 10
活动:射太阳 Activity: Shoot the suns
故事:大家来排队 Story: Let’s queue
中文识字:果Character learning: 果
看果字的由来 Watch a video about the character
Homework: Match and colour or decorate the fruit