Y4 Homework 四年级家庭作业2019年11月02日 02/11/2019 WEEK8

2019年11月02日 Y4 Homework 四年级家庭作业2019年11月02日 02/11/2019 WEEK8

教学内容 teaching contents
1.复习(《中文》3第二课)所学的生词,听写review the words we learnt last week and revise for spelling test
书店 bookstore ; 儿童 child;children ; 童话 fairy tale; 故事 story ; 画报 pictorial ; 课本 text book; 起来 beginning an action/ upward movement ; 现在 now ; 等人 waiting someone 吃饭 eat / having a meal ; 付钱 make a payment ; 呢(particle word,no meaning)接着 continue/ follow/ after that/ then 已经 already 很久 a long time 叔叔 uncle 出汗 sweating 边…..边 doing sth, at the mean while doing another thing
2.课文解析(《中文》3第三课 在医院里) read and explain the text in the book (lesson 3 in the hospital)
3.学习生词(《中文》3第三课 在医院里)learn new words (lesson 3 in the hospital)
医院 hospital 感冒cold ( catch cold) 护士 nurse 量体温 check temperature
4.生词抄写练习 writing new words
5.每个同学用新学的字组词 use the new characters we learned to make new words
医 院 感 量 护
7. 组词接龙游戏 game time : Use the last character from a word to make a new word

家庭作业 Homework

1.练习册A P16 ~ P30 Practice Book B P16~P30 hand in the A practice book on 23/11/2019
每周按自己安排的进程完成练习册的练习,11月23日上交练习册A 本
Set up your own process,spread the following three weeks time to finish the practice book A P16-P30 please
2.生字词每个写五遍 all the new words for today write 5 times each
3.复习第三课所学的字词 review and remember all the words in lesson three
医生 doctor 感冒cold ( catch cold) 护士 nurse 量体温 check body temperature
We will do a writing test of these words plus three random words from last lesson next week.