2019.11.16 Reception学前班教学内容和家庭作业

2019年11月17日 2019.11.16 Reception学前班教学内容和家庭作业

warm up songs: head and shoulder, baby shark, if you’re happy then clap your hands; a pair of eyes.

量词的使用:一个头/鼻子;一双眼睛;一/两只 眼睛/手/脚/耳朵;一张嘴巴。
continue to review “body parts” and how to use quantifiers.

3.比较“大和小”,“高和矮”;“多和少”,“长和短”。compare “big and small; tall and short; more and less; long and short”
句子sentences :
我的手大,他的手小。My hand is big and his hand is small.
他个子高,我个子矮。He is tall, I am short./ He is taller than me.
我的头发长,他的头发短。My hair is long and his hair is short.
“正方形”多,“三角形”少。There are more “squares” and fewer “triangles”.
我的水壶比她的水壶高。 My water bottle is taller than her.

新词汇new words:“个子 height/stature”,“三角形 triangle”,“正方形 square”,“笔 pencil”;“橡皮 rubber”;“水壶 water bottle”

Continue to practice writing numbers

homework:Continue to practice the use of quantifiers.