Y4 四年级教学内容 07/12/2019 WEEK13

2019年12月07日 Y4 四年级教学内容 07/12/2019 WEEK13

教学内容 teaching contents
1.复习(《中文》3第四课 猜一猜)所学的生词共10个,课堂听写测验(13个词)review the words we learned last week and revise for the spelling test
采(cǎi)蜜(mì) pick honey 劳(láo)动(dòng) work/ physical labor 粉(fěn) powder/dust/pink
鼻(bí)子(zi) nose 耳(ěr)朵(duo) ear 眼(yǎn)睛(jīng) eye 嘴(zuǐ) mouth
猜(cāi) have a guess 【1】传(chuán) 传染 pass/spread/【2】传(zhuàn) 传记 biography
【1】 只(zhī) 一只(measure word) 【2】只(zhǐ) 只有only/just 发(fā)烧(shāo) fever
吃(chī)药(yào) take medicine 护(hù)士(shi) nurse
2. 分角色对话阅读 P32 (4 )read dialogue
3. 阅读 reading 猜谜语 make a guess
造句 make sentences 有时…有时 sometimes…sometimes…
4. 新字学习 the new words
分手 separate/ break up 刀 knife
弯刀 machete 山腰 mountainside 树梢 treetop
5. 发1-4课生词表, 进行阶段总复习 hand out lesson 1-4 vocabulary
List, and revise lessons 1-4 for next week’s winter term exam.
家庭作业 Homework
练习册B P16 – P32 Practice Book B P16-P32
Spread your three weeks’ time at your own process to finish the practice book B P16-P32 please,and hand in the practice B book on 14/12/2019
2.复习1-4课所学的字词, 准备下周期末考试 please revise and remember all the words in lesson one to four,and get ready for next week’s exam.