Y4 四年级教学内容 02/05/2020

2020年05月02日 Y4 四年级教学内容 02/05/2020

教学内容teaching contents

1.复习第八课生词 revises the words we have learned in lesson 8
壶(hú)盖(gài) kettle lid 茶(chá)壶(hú) teapot
英(yīng)国(guó) united kingdom 英(yīng)格(gé)兰(lán)England
科(kē)学(xué)家(jiā) scientist 学(xué)科(kē) subject
奇(qí)怪(guài) strange/weird 神(shén)奇(qí) magical 怪(guài)物(wù) monster
水(shuǐ)蒸(zhēng)气(qì) steam 生(shēng)气(qì) angry 天(tiān)气(qì) weather
冲(chōng) to go straight ahead / to rush 让(ràng) to permit / to let sb do sth 让(ràng)路(lù) give way 常(cháng)常(cháng) always / often / frequently 试(shì)验(yàn) experiment/test
机(jī) machine/engine/opportunity 蒸(zhēng)汽(qì)机(jī) steam engine 机(jī)会(huì) opportunity 手(shǒu)机(jī) mobile 位(wèi) position/location/measure word for people 座(zuò)位(wèi) seat 一位科学家 a scientist
2. 无拼音认字 read vocabulary without pinyin
3. 小作文阅读 check and read homework short essay
4. “能”填充句子 use 能(néng) make sentences P 64
5. “能”与“会”的区别 explain the difference between 能&会
6. 读一读 P63 阅读并解释 read and explain P63-2
8. YCT 词汇复习245可(kě)爱(ài)-272每(měi)天(tiān)
YCT vocabulary 245可(kě)爱(ài)-272每(měi)天(tiān)

家庭作业 Homework
1.复习第八课所有的词汇 revise all the vocabulary in lesson 8
2.写作 长大后你想做什么?为什么?What do you want to be when you grow up? Why?
3.练习册B practice book B P49-1 P50-3 P51-5,7 P52 P53-3,4,5 P54-6,7 P55-1P57-5,6 P58 , P60-4,5,6 P61-7,1 P62-P64
4.预习并阅读第九课 read and preview lesson 9
5. Continue YCT3 vocabulary learning