GCSE 16/05/20

2020年05月16日 GCSE 16/05/20

1.翻译练习(R “conjunction words”,B “time tense”, O “fixed phrases”)
1) My mum drove me and my friend to a local museum last weekend. Although the entry fee was very expensive, we had a good time. We had lunch at the Italian restaurant opposite the museum. I am going to start my new part time job next Saturday.
2) When I was younger, I wanted to be a business person, but now my dream would be at work as a journalist. For me, doing something I enjoy is more important than making more money. My plan is to study abroad, and then return to the UK and look for a job in a news company.
3) I have worked in a middle school for eleven years. Now I do not want to be a teacher any more. However, before I change jobs, I plan to travel first. The world is so big, and I want to have a look, especially those scenic spots and historical sites.

2.讲解2019 年AQA 写作题
写作题1:16 分
You are writing about your education for your Chinese friend.
Mention:1) your school routine
2) positive and negative aspects of your school
3)a school trip you have been on recently
4)your plans for the future.
Write approximately 75 Chinese characters. Respond to every bullet point.

2)“我觉得/我认为/对我来说” ,用连词写正反两个方面的观点(正反各1句话)

写作题2 32分
You are writing an article for a Chinese lifestyle magazine.
Mention: 1) your opinion about healthy living
2)a memorable meal.
Write approximately 125 Chinese characters. Respond to both bullet points.
2)比如说…, 举例说明…(根据题目写自已的经历或打算,用长句,连接词和形容词; 要有字数有内容)
3)“总而言之,总之,我觉得/认为..” 总结自己的观点。

1)翻译练习 3
You write a blog for your Chinese exchange school about where you live.
Mention: your town
positive and negative aspects of your house
a recent visit you made to town
where you would like to live in the future.
Write approximately 75 Chinese characters. Respond to every bullet point.