11/07/2020 GCSE

2020年07月11日 11/07/2020 GCSE

Time allowed: 10-12 minutes (+12 minutes’ supervised preparation time) Instructions
• During the preparation time you are required to prepare the Role-play card and Photo card stimulus cards given to you.
• You may make notes during the preparation time. You must not write on this card.
• Hand your notes and both stimulus cards to the teacher-examiner before the General Conversation. You must ask the teacher-examiner at least one question in the General Conversation.
• The test will last a maximum of 12 minutes

Role-play (approximately 2 minutes)
Photo card (approximately 3 minutes),
General Conversation (between 5 and 7 minutes) based on your nominated Theme and the Theme which has not been covered in the Photo card.

You must not use a dictionary at any time during the test. This includes the preparation time.