10.10.2020 GCSE

2020年10月10日 10.10.2020 GCSE

1 分享大家的作业“我喜欢现在住的地方吗?为什么?我长大了想去哪里住?为什么?” 。分享的同学说完了,问一个和自己所说的内容相关的问题,看谁能先答对,先答对的同学分享自己的作业,再点下一位同学来回答问题。

1)The bus is about to arrive.
2)The basketball match is about to start.
重点:“Is about to”将verb了,要verb了。这里“了”不是past tense,因为有“将”、“要”在前面。
3)I don’t have lesson until 10am.
4) The restaurant is open until 10pm.
重点:1)not+verb …until+时间,直到+时间+才+verb 注意!不是“not verb”,是”verb”
5)He flew from America to China.
重点:flew,飞到了。from A地to B地,从A地到B 地。
6)I see my teacher walking around the school.
重点:walk around, 走来走去
7)This is the bag my friend likes.
8)Who is the woman wearing the blue shoes?
重点,这两句都是一句话做adj, 所以要 adj sentence+的+noun
9)It is half past five.
10)I no longer have time.
11)She is not reading anymore.
重点:no longer, not anymore,不再(not again)
12)His mobile phone is same as mine.

1)His mobile phone is same as mine.
His mobile phone is different from mine.
2)Last month I went to Beijing.
(Last,上+measure word)
He is the last one in the match.
(Last, 最后+measure word)
3)I finished reading that book.
(Past tense, 读完了)
I am reading that book.
(Present tense,在读)

4 “认为”和 ”以为“(Textbook2 P96)
Think, express opinions
Assumption, normally is opposite to the fact.

5.第一组:U-turn:“虽然…,但是…” “但是…”是强调的部分,main point.
这句话里“我对这里”是觉得positive还是negative, 为什么?
第二组:Expanding,with same level of conceptual meaning
“除了…以外,还…” “不但…,而且…”, “不仅…,还…”
哪一句对?哪一句错? 为什么?

家庭作业 Homework
1)翻译 Translation:
I don’t play tennis.
I didn’t play tennis yesterday.
I haven’t played tennis before.
2)写作:I like my town.
Good points:写3点
Bad points:写2点
(注意!between good points and bad points, pls NO conflicts)
再用课堂内容5(Lesson Contents 5) 里的两组连词(There are two groups of connections words),第二
组里至少选一个(at least choose one from the second group),表达你的观点(express your opinions)