19/12/20 GCSE

2020年12月19日 19/12/20 GCSE

1)Edexcel GCSE book P134-P135, green-shaded sections’ vocabulary
2)AQA book extra vocabulary:
收 to get/to receive
感谢 to thank
请 to invite
邀请 invitation
送礼物 to give a present
节日 festival/celebration
客人 guest
礼物 present

Celebrating Festival
you are writing for “Cultural Life” magazine about
1)What is your favourite festival?
2)Why do you think it is important to celebrate festival?
3)How did you and your family celebrate 2020 Xmas?
4)what is your plan to celebrate 2021 Xmas?

Tips: Regarding bullet point 3, you can write this essay after 2020 Xmas day, so before Xmas you can focus on the vocabulary.

Wish you and your family have a very merry Xmas and happy new year! Keep safe and healthy!