06/02/2021 GCSE

2021年02月06日 06/02/2021 GCSE

春节: 每年农历一月一日
1)I want to go and study in American or Japan in the future.
2) Will you buy the red skirt or the blue one?
3) It is not cheap, but I need a computer to study online now, so I bought it after all.
Chinese New Year is very important to my family. When we celebrate the new year, we make lots of dumplings together. On the street there is a dragon dance; we all go out to watch. Last year was very cold and a gig snow fell! This year the forecast is better.
1)What is her primary occupation?
2)What does she like best in the winter?
3)Where does she live?
4)What does she like about the autumn?
5)What does she like to do in the spring?
5. Reading “Chinese New Year Culture”

writing task
Please follow the structure of Lesson content 4, write 120-150 words to describe “what do you do in 4 seasons‘ and “what do you feel about these different seasons”