2021-2022 Term1 教学计划 学前班

2021年09月10日 2021-2022 Term1 教学计划 学前班

Date:11/09/2021-18/12/2021 Semester: 1 No. of weeks: 14
Year group: Reception No. of pupils:TBC Teacher’s name: Fei Li 李菲

Teaching materials
1)Textbook: Chinese Paradise 2 Student’s Book
2)Supplementary books: Chinese Paradise 2 Workbook

Learning objectives
Welcome week 1
W2 1.1 Which, Playground, Seaside, Nursery, Park, Zoo, Toy shop
W3 1.2 Map, Flag (America, Australia, Canada, UK, China, France)
W4 2.1 People, Country, China…, Chinese…, Middle, Person
W5 2.2 Come from, Beijing…, From
W6 3.1 One to Twelve, Count, How many
W7 3.2 Morning, Afternoon, Clock, o’clock
W8 4.1 Today, Tomorrow, Sun, Moon, Star, Get up
W9 4.2 Monday to Sunday, Day of the week, September
W10 5.1 School, Physical exercises, Break, School bag, Teacher
W11 5.2 Station, Post office, Shop, Entrance, Exit, Go, No/Not
W12 6.1 Where, Be in/Be at, Scavenger Hunt, Behind, In, Under, Book
W13 6.2 Living room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen

Party week
2) Structure:
Welcome week
1.1 Which is your favourite place to go?
My favourite place to go is…
1.2 Which country do you come from?
I am…
Which country does he/she come from?
He/she is…
2.1 Where are you from?
I come from…
2.2 What kind of city is Beijing…?
Beijing… is …
3.1 Can you count the numbers on the clock…?
3.2 Good morning, what is the time now please?
It’s 8… o’clock now.
4.1 What time did you get up today?
I got up at 7… o’clock.
Where will you go tomorrow?
Tomorrow I will go to…
4.2 What day is it today?
Today is Saturday.
What day is it tomorrow?
5.1 What do you take with you to nursery?
What physical exercises do you do at nursery?
5.2 Are you going to…?
Yes, I am (going to…)
NO, I am not (going to…)
6.1 Where are the books?
There is one on top of…/under…/behind…
6.2 Where is dad…?
Dad is in the living room…

Party week

3) Culture: Welcome week

1.1 Learning mid-autumn day
1.2 Making flags
2.1 Map puzzle
2.2 Learning a song about Beijing
3.1 Use leaves to make the word “how many”
3.2 Making a clock
4.1 Draw sun and moon to learn writing sun, moon, and tomorrow
4.2 Making stars
5.1 Physical exercises
5.2 Colouring
6.1 Making a traditional book
6.2 Match the rooms

Party week