2021-2022 Term1 W1 GCSE

2021年09月11日 2021-2022 Term1 W1 GCSE

1. 用AQA marking scheme 来讲解怎么完成总分为16分的小作文,请同学们交叉批改假期作业的作文。
2. 结合同学们的作文讲解 GCSE writing standard, 强调了哪些是重点和难点词汇。  
3.GCSE 口语考试规则讲解, 强调了在做准备和时间控制上的技巧。
1.”School” topic speaking exercises, get prepared for next lesson.
2.75 characters writing task
You are writing a letter to your friend about your school
1) Introduce your school
2) positive and negative aspects of your school
3) what did you do in your first week in this new academic year in the school?
4) what do you plan to do after secondary school? why?