2021-2022Term1 W1 五年级

2021年09月12日 2021-2022Term1 W1 五年级

中文四册 第一课《给爷爷的一封信》教学内容(11/09/2021)
Four Chinese Volumes Teaching Contents of Lesson One “A Letter to Grandpa” (11/09/2021)

一、 制定班规 Develop class rules
Go to school on time, do not be late, do not leave early (every Saturday morning 10:00-12:00)
Be polite, say hello to teachers and classmates, and care for and help each other
Observe classroom discipline in class, listen carefully, raise your hand to get the teacher’s consent when encountering problems you don’t understand, speak boldly and ask questions
Take notes on key content in class, complete homework on time, and review the content of the day in time
Keep the classroom and school environment clean and tidy, clean the seats in time after school, set up tables and chairs before going home
Reward measures: 1 point for each set of the above, 10 points for each set of 5 at the same time, once a month, the top two points with the most points will be rewarded

二、 提问的方式来导入课程:暑假都去哪里玩了?去过北京吗?你们知道北京有哪些好玩儿的地方吗?
The way to ask questions to import the course: Where did you go during the summer vacation? Been to Beijing? Do you know any fun places in Beijing
Look at the pictures and videos to learn about Beijing’s historical sites, “Tian’anmen”, “Forbidden City”, “Summer Palace”, and “Great Wall”, then open the book and see how these sights are mentioned in the text.
三、课文里是亮亮写给爷爷的信,请同学们当回小侦探,推测出爷爷给亮亮写得是什么内容,结合练习册A P6-6读课文判断句子; 练习册A P13-7读课文回答问题。
The text is a letter written by Liangliang to his grandfather. Please be a detective and guess what grandpa wrote to Liangliang. Read the text in the workbook A P6-6 to judge the sentence; read the workbook A P13-7 Text answering questions
四、 学习生字、词:信封 长城 邮票 北京 天安门 广场,分析字的结构,组词、造句,相同偏旁部首的字
Learn new characters and words:信封 长城 邮票 北京 天安门 广场Analyze the structure of characters, group words, make sentences, and characters with the same radicals
Learning radicals“示”“寸”

1、 练习册A P1 Workbook A P1
2、 下周听写Dictation next week:信封 长城 邮票 北京 天安门广场
3、 读课文并翻译Read the text and translate

On the first day of school today, the students performed very well. 10 points for each episode
Ou Yiqi, Huang Kaiwen, and Wang Huiyi actively answered questions in class, and Xia Yinghao took notes seriously.