2021-2022Term1W2 五年级

2021年09月18日 2021-2022Term1W2 五年级

中文四册 第一课《给爷爷的一封信》(下)教学内容(18/09/2021)
Four Chinese Volumes Lesson 1 “A Letter to Grandpa” (Part 2) Teaching content (18/09/2021)
1复习上周所学字词Review the words learned last week
2听写。 听写全对的有王慧仪dictation. The dictation is all right, Wang Huiyi
3读课文并翻译Read the text and translate
Learn new characters and words:“全、孙、首都、亲爱、那里、那时、水平、提高、今后、争取、进步”Analyze the structure of characters, form words, make sentences, and extend: characters with the same radicals, homophones, antonyms
5重点句型:“我的中文水平是不是有了很大提高” 并用“是不是”进行句子的扩展
Key sentence pattern: “Is my Chinese level improved a lot” and use “Is it right” to expand the sentence
Learn to write letters, learn the format of Chinese letters
7中秋节的习俗,传说Customs and legends of the Mid-Autumn Festival

Write a letter to a relative or friend in a distant place. The letter should mention how the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated.
练习册A: P3 -5、6 、7 ; P12—5、6 ; P15—3、4 ; P16—5、6 exercise bookA: P3 -5、6 、7 ; P12—5、6 ; P15—3、4 ; P16—5、6
(同学们都很好的完成了作业,今天的课堂表现,按照班规的奖励措施,王慧仪和黄凯文各集10分,夏英豪集4分,尤弋豪今天第一次课能积极地回答问题,并认真做笔记 集10分。)The classmates completed their homework very well. According to the class rules, Wang Huiyi and Huang Kaiwen scored 10 points for each episode, and Xia Yinghao scored 4 points for each episode. You Yihao was able to actively answer questions in the first class today. And take notes carefully, write a neat set of 10 points.