2021-2022Term1 W3 五年级

2021年09月25日 2021-2022Term1 W3 五年级

快乐汉语 第一课《我从北京来》(结合YCT4)教学内容(25/09/2021)
Happy Chinese The first lesson “I come from Beijing” (combined with YCT4) teaching content (25/09/2021)

Review the words and key sentence patterns in “A Letter to Grandpa” last week
2、听写:安全 首都 亲爱 那里 水平 提高 今后 争取 进步 孙子。听写全对的有王慧仪
Dictation: 安全 首都 亲爱 那里 水平 提高 今后 争取 进步 孙子。The dictation is all right, Wang Huiyi
Explain the homework in the workbook and read the letter written by yourself
The new lesson Happy Chinese “I come from Beijing”, learn new words and phrases: “from, hello, name, address, email, phone, occupation, birth, date, gender, location, nationality, introduction, oneself”
5、重点句型(结合YCT4)Key sentence patterns (combined with YCT4)
“……从…….来”;“我是….”、“我有……” ;“我想去很多地方”与“我去过(去了)很多地方”时态的区别与运用;含有“比”“更”的比较句;含有“呢”的疑问句;表示时间、表示年龄、表示号码;读课文并翻译。
“…come from…”; “I am…”, “I have…”; “I want to go to many places” and ” I have been to (went) many places. The difference and application of the tense; comparative sentences containing “than” and “more”; interrogative sentences containing “ne”; indicating time, indicating age, and indicating number; reading texts and translating them.
How to introduce yourself (greeting, name, age, family, hobbies, occupation, ability, grade, gender, habits) (combined with YCT4)

Make a personal resume (the printed copy has been sent to the students). The part of self-introduction should use “from…”, “I am…”, “I have… …”, “very……”; use the tense “want to go” and “went”.

“从、大家好、姓名、住址、电子邮件、电话、职业、出生、日期、性别、地点、国籍、介绍、自己” Copy three times each, and dictate these words next week

Happy Chinese Workbook P1, 2, 3, 4