2021-2022 Term1 W4 五年级

2021年10月02日 2021-2022 Term1 W4 五年级

中文4 第二课《颐和园》(结合YCT4)教学内容(02/10/2021)
Chinese 4 Lesson Plan “The Summer Palace” (02/10/2021)

Review the words and key sentence patterns in “I’m from Beijing”, explain the assignments in the workbook, and practice self-introduction and dialogue.
Dictation, dictation is all right, Wang Huiyi
Recall the historical sites of Beijing introduced in “A Letter to Grandpa” that I learned two weeks ago, and introduce a new lesson “The Summer Palace”

Learn new characters and words:“美丽、西北、完、登、名字、景色、岸、岛、中心、万寿山、昆明湖” Character structure, pronunciation, word formation, sentence formation, extension: characters with the same radicals, homophones, etc., combined with the classroom exercises and workbooks in the book, write and practice. (Combined with YCT4-the quantifier used after the numeral: a park, a corridor, a piece of green, a bridge, a letter)

Put the word palindrome and summarize the main idea in paragraphs. The first paragraph: The location and purpose of the Summer Palace (previously a royal garden, built by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty for his mother) The second paragraph: Find out which attractions are in the Summer Palace (Pictures: Long Corridor, Longevity Mountain, Kunming Lake, small island)

Find scenic spots on the route map and deepen your understanding of the space of the Summer Palace.

Combine classroom exercises to consolidate knowledge points (read text to answer questions, judge sentences, connect words to form sentences)

Read the text and draw the layout of the scenic spots in the first and second paragraphs, and indicate the name of the scenic spot
2、练习册B P1—P6 Workbook B P1—P6
Words to be dictated next week:美丽、西北、走完、登上、名字、景色、岸边、小岛、中心