2021-2022 Term1 W4 二年级作业

2021年10月03日 2021-2022 Term1 W4 二年级作业

Date: 2/10 /2021 Year group:二年级
Lesson content:
1. Revision
这 那 有 只 房子 大 小 房间 厨房

1.这是我爸爸 This is my father
2.那是我妈妈That is my mother
3.这是我 This is me
4.那不是我爸爸 That is not my father
5.这是你哥哥吗?Is this you brother?
6.他是英国人吗?Is he British?
7.他家很大 His house is Large.
8 .我家不大 My house is not large
9.你家大吗? Is you house large?
10.厨房不很大 The kitchen is not too large
11.他家有十个房间His house has ten rooms

1. 新词汇以及句子要求会写会读
(New words and sentences are required to be able to write and read)
Vocabulary: 面包 鸡蛋 牛奶 饼干 咖啡 吃 喝 早上

早上好 good morning
你喝什么 what do you drink
我喝牛奶 I drink milk
我不喝咖啡 I don’t drink coffee
我吃面包,不吃鸡蛋 I eat bread ,no eggs
爸爸喝咖啡,不喝牛奶 Dad has some coffee,no milk

2.快乐汉语练习册 38页—44页  (KUAILE HANYU workbook P38—-P44 )