2021-2022 Term1 W4 GCSE

2021年10月03日 2021-2022 Term1 W4 GCSE

课堂内容lesson contents
1.我们用了两套role play 的例题来学习如何顺利做答。
We learnt how to successfully answer the questions in the Roleplay section by studying two sets of example questions.
Key points and notes in the Conversation section.
Marking scheme of Conversation section.
4.我们一起练习了“未来计划” 话题的6个重点例题。
We practised 6 important sample questions in the “future plan” topic.

家庭作业 homework
写作:writing task
1.你觉得学生应该做兼职工作吗?为什么?(postive&negative, 75 words)
2.你觉得钱重要吗?为什么? (positive& negative, 75 words)