2021-2022 Term1 W5 二年级作业

2021年10月10日 2021-2022 Term1 W5 二年级作业

Date: 9/10 /2021 Year group:二年级 第5节

Lesson content:
Vocabulary: 面包 鸡蛋 牛奶 咖啡 吃 喝 早上

早上好 good morning
你喝什么 what do you drink
我喝牛奶 I drink milk
我不喝咖啡 I don’t drink coffee
我吃面包,不吃鸡蛋 I eat bread ,no eggs
爸爸喝咖啡,不喝牛奶 Dad has some coffee,no milk

2.New content
3.听力练习(Listening Practice)
(Watch video conversations in class to understand the scenes in life)

4.Culture:了解中国文化 (Understand Chinese culture)

1.新词汇以及句子要求会写会读(New words and sentences are required to be able to write and read)

水果 苹果 果汁 汽水 茶 要 梨

你要什么? What do you want?
你要水果吗? Do you want fruit?
我要苹果,你呢? I would like apple,and you ?
我不要苹果. I wouldn’t like apple.
我要汽水,你呢? I would like soft drinks,and you ?
我不要汽水,我要茶. I wouldn’t like soft drinks , I would like tea.

2.快乐汉语练习册  (KUAILE HANYU workbook )P45–P51
3.要求能说出5–8种水果的名称 (Able to name 5~8 kinds of fruits)