2021-2022 Term1 W6 GCSE

2021年10月16日 2021-2022 Term1 W6 GCSE

课堂内容 lesson content
1) 和同学们一起讨论了“我住的地方” 有些什么优点,有些什么缺点。
Discuss with pupils together about what are the positive and negative aspects of “The place where you live”.
2) 练习如何回答和“我住的地方”相关的问题。
Practise how to answer the questions which are related to “The place where you live”
3) 复习怎么描述天气,什么天气可以有哪些当地的活动。
Review how to describe the weather, what activities you can do locally under different weathers.
4) “我住的地方” 主题相关的听力练习。
Listening practice about the topic ” the place where you live”.

家庭作业 homework
写作:writing (around 75 words)