2021-2022 Term1 W6 五年级

2021年10月17日 2021-2022 Term1 W6 五年级

快乐汉语 第二课《我想来兼职》教学内容(16/10/2021)
Happy Chinese Lesson 2 “I want to come to work part-time” teaching content (16/10/2021)
1、重阳节的来历和习俗The origin and customs of Double Ninth Festival
Review: Look at the route map and name the scenic spots in the Summer Palace in order. Use sentences in the text to describe the picture. Look at the pictures and guess the words or words and make sentences.
Dictation. Wang Huiyi and You Yihao who are all right in dictation
The new lesson Happy Chinese “I want to come to a part-time job”, learn new words and words: “Except…, although, but, do, part-time, test, training, manager, lady, interview, please, enter, apply, foreign language, Business, work experience”.
5、重点句型:除了…以外…还 ,虽然…可是(但是)
Key sentence patterns: In addition to…but also, although…but (but)
Combine classroom exercises to consolidate knowledge points

1、写一篇作文,题目自拟,谈谈你心目中理想的职业是什么?为什么?你有哪些优势和才能?你将如何去做? 请在作文中用到“除了…以外”“虽然…但是”
Write a composition ,Self-developed topic. and talk about your ideal career? Why? What are your strengths and talents? How will you do it? Please use “except…” and “although…but” in your composition

Happy Chinese Workbooks P9, P10, P11
3、 下周听写:除了…以外、虽然…可是、做兼职、训练、经理、女士、面试、请进、申请、外语、生意、工作经验
Dictation next week: In addition to…, although…but, do part-time, training, manager, lady, interview, invite, apply, foreign language, business, work experience