2021-2022 T1W7 GCSE 预备班 家庭作业 10月23日

2021年10月23日 2021-2022 T1W7 GCSE 预备班 家庭作业 10月23日

教学内容 teaching contents:
详情请见PPT PDF 文档

新词汇 new vocabulary:
1.直 straight 2. 向 toward 3.拐turn 4.十字路口 crossroads 5. 过 to pass 6.红绿灯/ 交通灯 traffic light 7.过不去 can’t get through 8. 终于 finally 9.见面 to meet 10. 五路车 no. 5 bus 11. 裙子 skirt 12.裤子 trousers

语法知识 grammar:
1. to express direction
向左拐 to turn left
向右拐 to turn right
向前走 to go forward
In Chinese, we should use 向+direction+拐/走
2. How to ask for directions politely?
Excuse me, how do I get to ……?

家庭作业 homework:
1. 所有新学词汇每个写5遍 (please hand in before the lesson start next week)
2.写作P91-6 字数不少于75字。Writing P91-6, no less than 75 Chinese characters. Refer to the exam tips, try to cover all of the following “who, when, what, where, why, how”.