2021-2022 T1W7 Preschool 教学内容和家庭作业 10月23日

2021年10月24日 2021-2022 T1W7 Preschool 教学内容和家庭作业 10月23日

-Starter: video: 可爱的小脸(早教乐园)mouth, face, ears,hair, nose

B.Learn to write
-Learning about adding Strokes together学习把两个笔画叠起来可以组成新的字:六,八

C.Culture and knowledge文化:
-Watch a video about dragon dance 舞龙

-How many people are needed to perform dragon dance? Should we count them in Chinese? 用学过的数字用中文数出有多少人一起舞龙

D.Language part 2 Numbers: 1 – 15
-Talk about opposite (big, small, long, short) 反义词:大,小,长,短
Group discussion: Let’s all find something opposite.

Homework (preparation for next lesson):
– Practice greetings – will be tested at the beginning of next lesson
– Practice strokes we learnt and the song we learnt
– Practice writing 六,八
– Practice numbers from 1 to 15
– Practice eyes, hair, mouth, ears in Chinese
– Practice opposite big, small, long, short