2021-2022 Term1 W8 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2021年11月06日 2021-2022 Term1 W8 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

中文四册 第三课《凡尔赛宫》教学内容(06/11/2021)
Four Chinese Volumes Teaching Contents of Lesson 3 “The Palace of Versailles” (06/11/2021)

Review: Words and key sentence patterns in “The Palace of Versailles”

2、继续学习中文第三课《凡尔赛宫》,生字、词:“法国、巴黎、窗、映、如、一样、里面、香、影、迷” Continue to study the third Chinese lesson “The Palace of Versailles”, new characters and words: “France, Paris, window, shadow, such as, the same, inside, incense, shadow, fan”

3、重点句型Key sentence pattern
A.比喻句:“如同……一样” Simile( like, as, seem, as if, as though, similar to, such as)
B. 形容词+的+名词(例:明净的湖 绿色的树 美丽的花)
Adjective + de + noun (example: clear lake, green tree, beautiful flower)

Structure combing (how the text introduces the Palace of Versailles):
The first paragraph tells us what information: location, name, purpose
The second paragraph introduces the interior furnishings of the Palace of Versailles
The third paragraph introduces the gardens of the Palace of Versailles

The description of the scenery: described in a certain order, from the inside to the outside (this article), from near to far, from far to near, from high to low, from low to high, or the order of visit, plus contrast, metaphor , Lyrical.

6、翻译课文Translate text

7、结合课堂练习巩固知识点Combine classroom exercises to consolidate knowledge points

1、练习册A P26-34 Workbook A P26-34
Dubbing show-read the text “The Palace of Versailles” aloud and record the audio and send it to the mailbox chunwang221@gmail.com
3、下周听写Dictation next week:王宫、园林、以前、国家、厅、这些、文物、有趣、镜、窗、映、香、影、迷